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*Please note, menu items and prices are subject to change.
Call the store at (843) 637-4504 for most recent availabilities
and specific questions or requests. 

Espresso Menu
Espresso served doppio 2.50
Macchiato traditional 3.00
Cortado 6oz 3.00
Cappuccino traditional 3.00 12oz 3.50 16oz 4.00 

Espresso Menu Continued: Served Hot or Iced
Latte 12oz 3.50 16oz 4.00
Flavored Latte 12oz 4.00 16oz 4.50
Seasonal Latte 12oz 4.25 16oz 4.50
Americano 12oz 3.00 16oz 3.75 

We scoop whole beans from Counter Culture Coffee by the ounce.
Prices range from $1.35-2.00/oz depending upon the variety.

Coffee Menu
Drip 12oz 2.25 16oz 2.75
Drip w/ Steamed Milk 12oz 2.75 16oz 3.25
Cold Brew (Iced) 16oz 3.50
Aeropress (Iced) 16oz 4.00  
Tea and More
Cha Yen 16oz 3.25
Tea 12oz 2.25 16oz 3.00
Chai Latte 12oz 4.25 16oz 4.75
Hot Chocolate 12oz 3.00 16oz 3.50 

Breve, soy, almond milk, or extra syrup is +$0.50.
Additional espresso shots are $1.00.

Blended Espresso espresso/milk/banana/coconut oil/flavor option 5.00
PB&J dairy/all-natural peanut butter/banana/raspberry 5.00
The Dangling Carrot almond milk/banana/oranges/carrot 6.00
The Speedy Tortoise coconut water/veggies/oranges/carrot 6.00
Food Menu
Assortment of WildFlour Pastries fresh each morning varies
Oatmeal oats/honey/raisins/cinnamon 3.00
Greek Yogurt Parfait with freshly-made granola 3.50
Savory Scones ham/cheddar or sun-dried tomato/pesto 3.75
Quiche *weekends only 4.00
The Wrap black beans/salsa and hummus heated on a tortilla 7.00
Housemade Chicken Salad served with pita chips/green grapes/romaine 7.00