Here at our coffeehouse we call a happy experience your “Orange Spot”.  We are a collaboration of passion for quality beverages and the dream of service that starts with great coffee. Every day we strive to serve the best drinks around while providing a place of community, creativity, and relationships.

We invite you to stop by for Cha Yen (Thai iced tea), freshly-roasted coffee from Counter Culture Coffee, or any number of ongoing house-made seasonal creations.

Want to join our team? Here’s the application! Please fill it out and return in store.

Meet the Team

Laura Cannon

The beauty of the coffee bean is how it brings people together. Its inception, growth, harvest, roast, and brew method all contribute; coffee threads the growers, roasters, servers, and drinkers in conjunction. Romantic? Sure. And delicious.

Julie Simuang

I’ve always had a gypsy heart, and with each adventure coffee has been a consistent friend. My grandmother says I’m a free spirit. I try to embrace that.

Matthew Cannon

“Whoever loveth me, loveth my hound.” -Sir Thomas Moore