More house creations are on the menu

Here at the Orange Spot we try our best to continue striving to produce the best coffee and concoctions we can think up. You, the customer, inspire us. Most recently we’re excited to offer more house-made syrup options that are as sweet and innocent as we can make them. Although we do love a nice and simple doppio shot from the bar, sometimes a latte is what really hits the spot. For those times, you might consider a Vanilla Bean (we’re crazy about it over ice) or a Salted Caramel latte. We’re also thinking the Toasted Pecan might usurp the Hazelnut’s reign soon, too. Sometimes a new concept catches our fancy, or perhaps we discover a bundle of fresh herbs we run over to our kitchen. Right now for a limited time we’re pleased to offer a Fresh Lavender latte made only with the fresh herb and organic cane sugar. And of course, this time of year also means enjoying our infused hand-squeezed lemonades. Stop by our shop and celebrate with us this season in what we’ve deemed as the “Summer of Love”.